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Ryan how are yea?

I have to say… I’m very impressed with the smart remap…
The car was already fun to drive, but that extra kick just changes the driving all together… and so much fun!!!

Since the remap has started to settle, the car sounds so different depending on what way im driving, and its brought all my other aftermarket parts together better!

One more thing… from 81bhp to 100bhp in a car that doesn’t weigh much more than half a tonne you really notice the difference

Thanks again!!!!




Fantastic transformation after remapping my Discovery 3 TDV6! Power delivery is superb from 3rd to 6th gear!


Not a boy racer job, but serious enough to get up and go when you need it! A real wolf in sheep's clothing, but makes for a much better driving experience altogether!


Why are you waiting?????


Unleash the true potential of your Discovery 3

John Jordan - 3 Jun 2008


Ryan / Steve

I could go on about I change gear at 1,600 instead of just under 2,000...

I could go on about the wee kangoo is happy to drive at 1,600 in top gear...

I could go on about how I'm finding much more torque when I have a loaded trailer on...

I could go on about the considerable difference in top end power...

These testimonials all fade to dust when you compared these to fact that the wife noticed the difference straight away! (No honest)

What need I say? If a bird notices well there must be a startling difference.

Just wanted to say that the wee kangoo is running great after getting the remap a fortnight ago. With much more torque I'm pretty sure of an increase in fuel efficiency, Worth every penny. 


Cheers Lads